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Refill Your Prescription(s) via Text Message in 2018

If you are currently a patient of HPC Specialty Pharmacy, refilling your prescription(s) just got easier. This new feature will automatically notify you when your prescription is ready to be filled, and with a simple reply, HPC will process your refill request. This service is free aside from data and message rates that may apply from your service provider. Below you will find the details about signing up and using this new service.

Getting Started

  • To Opt-in to this service, text RX to 1-800-757-9192. This will opt users in for the first time.
  • You will receive the following message from HPC: “Welcome, You will now receive text alerts when a refill is available. Msg and data rates may apply. Text CHECK for any available refills you might have. Text HALT to quit at any time, or HELPME for more info.”

Checking and Refilling A Prescription

  • After successfully joining this service, text CHECK to see if you have any refills available. You will then receive a response to let you know the availability of any refills. HPC will automatically notify you via this message service when your prescription is available for refill.
  • If you receive a message stating you have a refill available, you may respond with REFILL to notify our pharmacy to process the refill. A HPC pharmacy staff member will then contact you to finalize your refill. If you elect not to receive your available refill, simply do not respond to the refill alert.

Text Message Response Glossary

  • RX: Opt-in to HPC refill text message service.
  • HALT: Opt-out of HPC refill text message service.
  • CHECK: Find available refills.
  • REFILL: Agree to process refill(s).
  • HELPME: Will provide a response message on how to contact HPC about resolving your issue.
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