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Healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Patient needs, medical conditions, and treatments can run the gamut. Prescription and care coverage – and cost – must be managed closely.

HPC is a Specialty Pharmacy provider that can make a difference in your members’ health care, and a difference to your bottom line.

Improving Outcomes, Reducing Costs

HPC is a complete system of care for individuals experiencing chronic medical conditions including Crohn’s, Hemophilia, Hepatitis C, Immunglobulin disorders, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Our personal care teams include knowledgeable specialists – pharmacists, home-based nurses, community and social services professionals – who provide skilled clinical and administrative support to patients who are dealing with the variety of diseases that HPC treats.

These experts serve as vital resources who communicate and collaborate regularly with the patients’ medical teams for ongoing care planning, pharmacy services, and monitoring to ensure that patients’ specialty medications are working and that they are adhering to their treatment therapies.

How does this reduce your costs?

Ongoing collaboration and proper adherence is significant for effective cost management. It enables patients to gain control of their medical conditions, reducing symptoms and condition flare ups.

For insurers, HPC’s proactive, skilled care services and adherence monitoring work to avoid additional issues that may result from an uncontrolled illness, and reduce costs by:

  • Decreasing adverse events
  • Reducing co-occurring disorders
  • Cutting down on supplemental hospitalizations and additional treatments
  • Lowering the need for expensive medical procedures such as joint surgeries
  • Providing skilled, home-based care and treatment administration
  • Improving patients’ quality of life

Insurers Portal

HPC’s Insurers Portal will allow you transparent access to patient nursing assessments, patient prescriptions, and communications with physicians as well as status of delivery. Your patient will also be able to view their individualized plan of care via a secure portal designed for the patient.

HPC has added an additional portal for specifically for physicians. This portal will allow physicians to view their patients file, oversee the step by step dispensing process, allowing the physician access to quantity dispensed and the date of the dispensing. The physician is also able to communicate real time via this portal with the pharmacy as well as the patient.

These added avenues of communication amongst the pharmacy, physician, and patient create a crystal clear view into the clinical management of your patients care. Let HPC Specialty Pharmacy show you how communication between providers will demonstrate the reduction in your cost.

HPC provides the most cost-effective way to care for your members. Contact us at 1-800-757-9192 to make HPC your specialty pharmacy provider.

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