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As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you face unique challenges including special handling and administration of your drug products, ensuring patient safety, and proper adherence to your medication therapies.

HPC Specialty Pharmacy welcomes the opportunity to partner with pharmaceutical manufacturers on your current therapy lines and future drug launches to ensure that your challenges are addressed – and that the best possible clinical outcomes are achieved with your products.

Teaming for Success

As a strategic partner, HPC goes beyond the services of a traditional pharmacy to assist you in your priorities of the safe and proper handling, delivery, and administration of your specialty drug therapies for patients with chronic medical conditions.

Our high-touch services include care planning and coordination with the patients’ healthcare teams, 24/7 patient access to our clinical pharmacy and nursing staffs, patient education, and expert in-home administration or patient training for injectable and other specialty medications. These services support effective product utilization and adherence to therapies – vital steps to reaching optimal clinical outcomes with your products.

Our team offers a wide range of expertise including:

  • Clinical Education and Training
  • Formulary Management
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Reimbursement and Payer Troubleshooting

In addition, our data analytics staff provides customized reporting for the entire scope of measurements and data pertinent to your products, enabling you to assess their ongoing effectiveness and profitability.

Your Strategic Partner

When it comes right down to it, you and HPC are interested in the same thing – helping patients achieve the best clinical outcome from their medication therapies.

Learn how partnering with HPC can remove manufacturers’ challenges associated with achieving optimal clinical outcomes. Contact us today at         1-800-757-9192.

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