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Specialty therapies for patients with chronic or serious medical conditions can be complex and costly. Optimal medical outcomes rely on proper drug administration and ongoing adherence to drug treatment regimens.

HPC Specialty Pharmacy serves as an extension of your healthcare team with our high-touch approach to improving compliance rates – and treatment results.

A System of Care

HPC’s multi-disciplinary personal care teams deliver home-based, wrap-around services for you and your patients.

Our comprehensive, patient-centric system of care assists in your case management, and offers:

  • Multidisciplinary care plan coordination among specialized HPC nursing and pharmacy staffs and your office
  • 24/7 clinical pharmacy and nurse staffing
  • In-home medication administration (infusions, injections
  • In-home patient/caregiver training for self-administration of medications (when applicable)
  • Drug therapy compliance monitoring
  • Coordination of medication refill and delivery to patient
  • Therapy side-effect management and support
  • In-services (community/school/work) related to patient’s disease process and medication regimen

Better Adherence, Better Outcomes

HPC believes in the overall health of your patient. Our full-time pharmacists and nursing staffs, patient advocates, social workers, and account/billing specialists help you carry out your plan of treatment effectively, as well as assist patients in navigating the often complex tangle of medical forms and payments.

Our one-on-one approach to case management ensures that your patients will have a greater compliance rate – and you will see greater results from your prescribed therapies.

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