Non Clinical Services

The challenges for patients living with chronic medical conditions or illnesses are not limited to clinical care. HPC’s patient-centric comprehensive system of care gives patients access to important non-clinical and administrative services that assist with issues relating directly to the patients’ medical conditions and their treatment therapies.

Wraparound Care

HPC’s wraparound patient care includes our team of professionals skilled and experienced in the often complex administrative and non-clinical aspects of the specific disease states that HPC provides therapies for. These resources play key roles as members of our personal HPC Care Teams.

HPC Non-Clinical Services

Social Services

HPC strives to help each patient as a whole, not just treat the disease. Our patients have access to a staff of social workers that can help them with many of the psychosocial and financial needs that accompany living with a serious or chronic condition.

  • Identify resources for patients who cannot afford their medication
  • Assist with insurance filings including Medicare or Medicaid
  • Work with HPC’s reimbursement department to find resources if insurance/co-payment assistance is needed
  • Provide support and counseling
  • Assist with disability claims and/or hearings
  • Provide case management
  • Participate in support groups and educational meetings
  • Assist with 504 plans and IEPs in the school system
  • Work with local non-profit organizations
  • Identify resources for dental assistance

Community Consultants and Advocates

Serving on the front-lines of care, these non-clinical members of the HPC Care Team handle initial contact with patients, physician offices, and organizations. They work tirelessly to foster relationships, provide support, and bring awareness to each condition.

  • Develop relationships with physicians’ offices and treatment centers
  • Foster relationships with foundations – providing volunteer support for fundraising events, summer camps, etc.
  • Assist patients and caregivers with admission papers
  • Work closely with the patients’ clinical care teams to provide identified patient needs
  • Assist with patient resources, such as scholarship opportunities and patient educational materials
  • Participate in support groups and educational dinners
  • Provide or identify transportation assistance for patients’ medical appointments

Reimbursement Representatives

For any chronic condition or serious illness, it is vital to ensure that the patients’ medical needs are met and that service continues. Our HPC reimbursement specialists work persistently to resolve issues, and provide the patient with alternative solutions or tools if an issue cannot be resolved through traditional channels.

  • Handle the initial intake and enrollment of new patients into the HPC comprehensive system of care
  • Notify patient verbally and in writing – prior to the start of services – of any financial obligations not covered by their health plan
  • Ensure accuracy of patient billing
  • Facilitate prior authorization requests
  • Monitor and identify changes in patient benefits
  • Serve as a liaison for the patient, payer, and/or employer
  • Assist with HPC’s co-pay assistance referral program
  • Collaborate with the HPC Care Team on any financial assistance needs of patients
  • Triage patients to the appropriate pharmacy when payor restrictions are discovered

HPC Patient Assistance Program

HPC will assist our patients in the enrollment/qualifying process of the various patient assistance programs. These services help patients find the financial resources needed to live with chronic illnesses or conditions and a way to satisfy the expensive co-payment/deductibles.

Some of the programs include the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation and Patient Services Inc. (PSI) which are both nationally known, non-profit charitable organizations that provides a “safety net” for patients to alleviate some of the financial burden due from expensive premiums, high deductibles, and co-payments. Other non-profit organizations programs are utilized as well as the man factor co-pay assistance programs.

For more information, please contact 1-800-757-9192 or

A Total Solution

From pharmacy services to home-based treatment to non-clinical and administrative resources, HPC Care Teams provide our patients with a holistic approach to care and support that helps them adhere to specialty drug therapies that can improve their lives – and their medical outcomes.

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