How We Help

If you’re living with a serious and/or chronic medical condition, you know that your prescription is only one aspect of your treatment. So do we.

A distinctly exceptional specialty pharmacy, HPC is structured to meet your individual needs with a comprehensive system of care that extends beyond filling your prescription. Our patient-centered, wrap-around approach is team-based – staffed with clinical and administrative professionals that deliver the broad range of specialized services you need to ensure the best outcome from your drug therapy.

Communication. Collaboration. Coordination.

HPC’s cohesive, team approach to your care will guide you expertly on your unique journey. Through proactive communication, collaboration, and coordination with your physicians, family and caregivers, and community resources on your behalf, our dedicated and skilled team members ensure:

  • Expert coordination of care, planning, and follow through
  • Education for you, your family, and your caregivers on your condition and therapy
  • Adherence to your specialized therapy schedule for optimal outcomes

The tangible results of our comprehensive system are proven, and include improved quality of life, decreased hospitalizations, fewer co-occuring disorders, and less need for expensive medical procedures relating to your medical condition.

HPC’s comprehensive system of care includes the following specialized services and support:

Your Partner for the Journey

There’s no need to go the journey alone. HPC – a complete care pharmacy – delivers on the broad range of unique services you need to ensure the best possible medical and economic outcomes from your specialized drug therapy.

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