Pharmacy Services

As a specialty pharmacy, it’s no surprise that HPC’s pharmacy services are a vital aspect of our comprehensive system of care. Our staff of professional pharmacists and technicians are trained in the variety of disease states and medication therapies that HPC provides. Their fulfillment of prescriptions often includes communication and collaboration with the patients’ physicians for a well-coordinated pharmacy plan of care and to ensure adherence to therapy requirements. But our HPC pharmacy services don’t stop there.

Going Beyond the Prescription

Our pharmacy team is an excellent resource for patient, family, and caregiver education regarding important therapy regimes and adherence. They also regularly implement comprehensive clinical management programs and drug utilization reviews that help patients and physicians achieve the best outcomes from specialty medications. In addition, the HPC pharmacy team handles the often complex paperwork, insurance coverage questions, and reimbursement filings relating to prescription fulfilment, therapy compliance, and clinical use as required by insurers, government agencies, and manufacturers.

Our pharmacy staff:

  • Assures prescription accuracy
  • Works closely with the HPC home-based nursing staff to coordinate care
  • Establishes relationships with prescribers
  • Monitors patients’ therapy compliance
  • Develops individualized pharmacy plans of care
  • Develops clinical management programs
  • Oversees drug utilization reviews
  • Maintains current patient medication profiles
  • Provides patient counseling and education
  • And more

The Prescription for Peace of Mind

The deep knowledge and dedication of our professional pharmacy staff make them a valuable resource for our patients and indispensable members of our HPC Care Teams. Our pharmacy staff is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address our patients’ medication questions and/or concerns.

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