Testimonials From Our Patients

Viki Z. – Mother of Factor Patient

“My son was diagnosed with hemophilia type A at 6 months old.  The first pharmacy we were with was not able to send a nurse out whenever Bradley needed factor and that meant we had to go to the emergency room to get his factor administered. He had several bleeds and was hospitalized a few times during those first few months. It was very frustrating having to go to the HTC or emergency room to get him checked. Once we joined HPC things changed. The nurses were awesome. I could text a picture and they would let me know if they could come out and give factor or if it was something I should go to the hospital for. Angie, Tammy, and Susan are always willing to answer any question I have or come out to give factor if Bradley needs it. In the beginning, he was so scared from all of the pokes he got at the hospital he was very hesitant to let the nurses near him. They were all very patient with him and they’ve built a great relationship with him. Angie has seen him the most and he loves her. He can’t remember a time when Angie hasn’t come to infuse him. He even requests her at his other doctors’ appointments because she is his Angie and she is the only one that can make a shot not hurt. The nurses take care of ordering the factor and everything we need to go with it, which is a tremendous help! Johanna has helped us get everything we need for Bradley to start school. She even put a team together to talk to the faculty. If Bradley is hospitalized she calls to check on him and see if there’s anything I need. She has answered texts on the weekends and late at night and has been happy to help us in any way she can. Switching to HPC was definitely the right thing for my son and our family.  Thank you HPC!”

Aidan L. – Mother of two Factor Patients

“My name is Aidan. I am the mother of two sons with severe hemophilia B and started receiving services from HPC in (2017). Everyone with HPC has been absolutely wonderful and beyond helpful. I have been impressed with the level of care my boys have received. HPC has been more helpful and is more valued to my family than they could ever know. The nurses are some of the best I have ever met and I can’t imagine trusting my boys to anyone else. I would highly recommend HPC to anyone!”

Steven B. – Factor Patient

“My name is Steven and I have been with HPC since 2017. HPC has made a huge improvement to my hemophilia management and treatment. Everyone at HPC has gone above & beyond to help me improve my care. The nurses are excellent! They help me to make sure I am always on top of my treatments & assist me anytime I have questions or concerns. If any problems come up I know I can rely on everyone with HPC to do what it takes to help me fix the issue. It has made life so much easier. I would definitely recommend HPC to everyone I know!”

Michelle C. – Mother of Factor Patient

I first met Val Simms before we were even a patient with HPC. She was always at our chapter’s local events. She knew my name and the names of my children. She helped me so much in making the transition to HPC. It has also been great to be able to talk to another mom of a hemophilia patient that knows the daily struggles. After becoming a patient, Debbie Little was so sweet and caring and patient with my son. Her professionalism, as she helped my son to not be afraid, was remarkable. Debbie was one of a kind and will forever be missed. Before her passing, she helped us transition to Maggie Fisbeck, for our nursing care. Maggie had some pretty big shoes to fill and she jumped right in. Jane Piepke is a great resource to have one hand. Any questions that Val or Maggie can’t handle, Jane is the go to. These ladies have gone above and beyond to help my family with our medical needs.”

Bruce R. – Factor Patient

“HPC has been an absolute life-saver for me. On more than one occasion quite literally. They have gone above and beyond what I ever could have expected to get me medication no matter where I happen to be. They’ve provided me with a stable resource of people who care enough about me to keep me on my toes and walking a better, more healthy path. I owe a great deal to the people of this company for getting me to a position in my life where I will be able to live my life the way I want to rather than the way my illness forces me to. Thank you HPC!”

John M. – Factor Patient

“HPC has made a tremendous impact on my life over the last year and a half. I was diagnosed with Von Willebrand’s disease at an early age in life. I grew up with the knowledge of having this disorder but lived life to its fullest and did not let it hinder me in any way. I played football & baseball, got bruises, nosebleeds, and all the bumps along the way kids get growing up. I never really concerned myself much with it until I needed to have both of my knees replaced within the past year. I was referred to a hematologist for a consultation, testing and to obtain an approval to have the surgery and the appropriate plan of action to deal with my disorder. Dr. Janjua developed a course of action that included pre-loading dosing and post infusions of Humate-P. I was told I would be receiving a call from HPC to set up all medications for my surgery with the appropriate information and details. 

I was introduced to HPC and Maggie Fisbeck, my home nurse, right away.  Maggie walked and talked me through the entire procedure as to when the factor would arrive at my residence, keeping track of usage, how to transport it to the hospital, and even got on the phone with the nurses once I was admitted to the hospital on how to store, mix, administer and the importance of the timeliness of my infusions. Once I was discharged, Maggie drove over almost daily from her residence which was approximately 3 hours roundtrip to change out my port, infuse and perform any additional things I might have needed to have done, including delivering the inventory of all the necessary supplies to perform these infusions at home. She also single-handedly helped me overcome my unwavering fear of needles that I have had my entire life. Val Simms and Jane Piepke who are my personal community advocates have followed along with my process and checked on me frequently to monitor my progress and have always reached out to see if I have or had any questions and followed up to make sure there were never any issues with the administrative side of the program. These amazing ladies were also kind enough to take time out of their busy and hectic schedules to stop and visit me at the hospital to make sure everything was taken care of as well.

HPC was extremely instrumental in helping my wife and I cope with my bleeding disorder during this stressful time. It can be trying at times dealing with such a disorder, but HPC was with us every step along the way in my process. Not only once, but twice and we loved the way everything was focused on our needs and the service we were given. I cannot express my gratitude about how well I was taken care of both times. HPC was wonderful to work with from the actual pharmacy, administrative support staff, and my local contacts. We share our experiences with HPC to everyone that asks about the surgery! We are forever grateful for HPC, Maggie, Val, and Jane. We consider these three women to be a part of our family for the rest of our lives!”

Teresa T. – Mother & Wife of Factor Patients

“HPC Specialty Pharmacy has not only been a pharmacy to my family but a support system. My husband and my daughter have Von Willebrand Disease which requires medication to be self-infused at home. As a wife, not growing up with or around this type of disease this world was new to me. HPC not only has supported my husband in his medication needs but has built a relationship with our entire family! Outside of the doctor’s visits, we had never been involved in any community activities or knew any other families with the same condition. We attended an educational dinner provided by HPC and met Jenni Denham. She was so personable and really got to know us.  We did not feel like we were just another client to her. We sat and talked for hours and have continued that relationship. I have attended dinners, events and had many phone conversations with Jenni. She has never once put me off to someone else who could help me or made me feel like I was a burden to deal with. After years of thinking it was just a condition that needed medication to treat, we understood the difference a community of people could make in your life. Today I know at any time, with any question, I have countless resources available to me when before we would still be waiting on a call back from his treatment center. This past year my husband was in the hospital for an emergent esophageal bleed which was extremely dangerous and scary. Jenni and Lisa, my husband’s nurse, was in constant contact with us to check on his status and to see how they could support us. Being able to have access to your own nurse at any time is an advantage that we have never had with any other pharmacy, and Lisa Alvarez has been nothing short of amazing. Lisa has spent time with my husband to get to know his individual needs and how he best can be treated. She stays in contact all year long keeping up with our family and what type of activities he has been involved in. Jenni Denham supported me while my daughter was diagnosed by getting me in contact with the right people, helping me with paperwork and being an ear to all the questions I had. Her being a mom of three and me a mom of three and having children with bleeding disorders herself, she knew the thoughts and fears I had as a mom getting the news that my daughter had Von Willebrand Disease. Because of HPC as an entire family, we feel supported and have been able to connect with other families with the same condition. My husband has dealt with his bleeding disorder his entire life and not until we connected with HPC did he feel like he belonged to a community that supported him.”

Julie B. – Mother of Factor Patient

“I want to take a moment of your time to let you know my thoughts on certain employees of the HPC team as well as the HPC company as a whole. Understand that of our 3 children, our youngest has Hemophilia, Severe A. His name is Travis and he was the first one in our family to have a known bleeding disorder. After being diagnosed at St. Jude, we choose HPC to be our pharmacy for no reason other than the location and that a home health nurse was part of their offerings. Once we choose HPC, Tim Andrews came to our house and talked to my family and answered any and all questions that we had. He spoke of his personal experiences as well as how HPC would be able to hold our hand along our new journey. Soon after, we met our home health nurse Linda. She was such a gentle blessing to our family and definitely was there with us through a lot of frustrations and tears.

Now fast forward to our most recent experience with the following employees: Heidi Plash, Christian Millican, Maggie Majure, and Kathryn Chodkiewicz. On Thursday, July 19th, I called HPC Pharmacy to inform them or our new insurance information that had gone in effect on July 1st. I knew we would be placing an order the following week and I wanted to make sure all of the information was correct. However, on Friday, July 20th, Christian called me to inform me that our new insurance coverage did not cover any factor products. She assured me that they would be working diligently on doing what needed to be done to get his medicine. She also explained what some of the steps were that they would be taking as well as prepared me that it could take weeks to get it fixed.

The following week, I talked to Maggie and she informed me that the first prior authorization had been denied and that they were working on getting another form completed and sent in. She then transferred me to Heidi and we discussed a probable manufacturer donation that I had heard about, as well as what to expect next. On July 25th, Heidi informed me that the manufacturer donation program was not available to us since we do have insurance coverage. At this time, I told Heidi that my husband might have to quit his job just so we could get on Medicaid so Jacob could get his factor soon enough. Heidi said that they should have another response from insurance next week and that maybe I ought to wait to see what they say then.

On Tuesday, July 31st, Heidi called me to let me know that they had gotten everything worked out with insurance and that they were shipping Jacob’s medicine that day! She said that Kathryn had done a lot of work on Jacob’s case and eventually it was discovered that our insurance was denying his medicine because insurance was processing it incorrectly.

I must say that not only did HPC put in countless hours to help my precious child get his medicine, but they did each step that was necessary with the passion and heart that someone would do for their very own child. Your company could easily have let me as the consumer handle the situation and figure things out. But instead, HPC once again rose above my expectations. With that being said, please know that you have a GREAT team. Every time we speak to Tim Andrews, Keitrus, or John R. (the pharmacist) they always know us by the first name and truly want to know how we are doing. The extra effort your team puts into us is exactly why your company is the only one we have ever used and the only one we plan to ever be with. Your team is like a part of our family and I do not put someone in that close of a category easily. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.”

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