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Hemophilia | Other Bleeding Disorders

Hemophilia is an inherited bleeding disorder that predominantly affects males and is quite rare: only about 20,000 people in the US are living with this disorder, 400,000 worldwide. Individuals with hemophilia have low or non-existent levels of blood clotting proteins called factor. As a result of this missing factor, their blood does not form clots normally and bleeding can be difficult to control.

HPC Specialty Pharmacy provides specialty medications for a number of related disease states including hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and other bleeding disorders. Our HPC comprehensive system of care ensures that patients have access to the vital clinical and administrative aspects of care for their unique medical conditions as a result of these disorders.

Hemophilia Types and Specialized Treatment

There are several different types of hemophilia:

  • Hemophilia A – Most common, affecting almost 80% of hemophiliacs – also known as Classic Hemophilia or Factor VIII deficiency
  • Hemophilia B – Also called Christmas Disease or Factor IX deficiency
  • Hemophilia C – Factor XI deficiency
  • Acquired Hemophilia – Extremely rare and developed as a result of an illness, medications, or pregnancy

Treatment is required for various reasons, including bruising, and joint, nose, mouth, or muscle bleeds. Hemophilia is treated by replacing the missing blood clotting factor so that the blood can clot normally. This is done by infusing factor (administering factor through a vein), which helps prevent most bleeding episodes and limits or even prevents the damage a bleed can cause.

HPC dispenses factor through our hemophilia pharmacy services, provides home-based nurses trained in administering infusion-based medications, and offers the following therapy products:

  • Advate®
  • Adynovate®
  • Afstyla®
  • Alphanate®
  • Alphanine® SD
  • Alprolix®
  • BeneFIX®
  • Corifact®
  • Eloctate®
  • Feiba®
  • Hemlibra®
  • Hemofil® M
  • Humate-P®
  • Idelvion®
  • Jivi®
  • Koate® DVI
  • Kogenate® FS
  • Kovaltry®
  • Monoclate-P®
  • Mononine®
  • NovoSeven® RT
  • Novoeight®
  • Nuwiq®
  • Obizur®
  • Rebinyn®
  • Recombinate®
  • Rixubis®
  • Stimate®
  • Tretten®
  • Vonvendi®
  • Wilate®
  • Xyntha®

A Complete Care Partner

HPC is committed to improving the lives of patients with hemophilia and other blood disorders through our hemophilia specialty pharmacy therapies and broad range of HPC Care Team services.

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